Saturday, November 8, 2014

Universe Send Me My Beach House!

My philosophy on how to receive from the universe that which is already there.
  Bubba was still alive when we lived at the beach house in 1999. Every morning we would go for a walk on the beach on Staten Island. Bubba was my constant companion for seventeen years. I did this painting of him. I cut a piece of his hair, put it in a tiny baggie and pinned it to the back of the canvas.

I utilized that time to start my day off on a spiritual note. To breathe in deep the scent of the sea. To talk to my higher power. To look inside of who I was without being defined as a mother. It was just a journey of the growing kind. I lived like a monk for three years there. I felt sewed into the universe. I pictured Jesus walking besides me. It was a time in my life where I was an emptynester already for about five years. I knew something about how the universe worked, and how we are all part of it. One big web, all connected to the electromagnetic spectrum we cannot see with our eyes. We can feel it in other ways now more than ever. 

It was time for the elderly woman who owned the house to sell it. I knew that day would be coming so my mind was set on buying a house by the beach. Even though my ex-husband and I didn't have credit cards, or a credit history, we had a little money saved. 

When I told him we are going to buy a house! He said: we can't buy a house! There you go dreaming again. I said, we will buy a house, watch! 

So I laid myself down and placed my thoughts upon the airwaves which recorded my thoughts and words directly to the source of power. I then envisioned what I wanted. As the pink apricot morning sun washed over my eyes I said, "universe, send me my beach house". In the thought I imagined it was a beach house with the late afternoon sun streaming in through the windows illuminating the room in cadmium yellow of day, to the soft ribbons of red evening hues. I would walk the beach sometimes with my neighbor Mickey.

He had a great sense of humour with a touch of an Irish accent which came shinning through. He knew I wanted to move, and told me to get a TRW done to see if I qualified. So I had a friend who was a real estate agent. I asked her to do one for me? She also found this house I was renting now. We were the only house that had to evacuate when we had a high tide, full moon, hurricane namely Floyd. 

My neighbor Pat across the street was looking on with concern. Sadly during hurricane Sandy Pat lost her daughter Angela fifteen, and her husband George.  

One day outside my house I saw an old car I didn't recognize. It had a little girls school bag in it with all her supplies. School just started. So I looked in the car and found an address. I went by the house. It was an old beat up house. I dropped the bag off on the porch and wrote a note as to where the car was. I went back the next day and left $20 in the mailbox. I didn't tell anyone. Never did.
Many a wise men have said, when you give to others in an unselfish way, you will also receive. It is one of the laws of reciprocity. Be careful with that one because there is another saying: No good deed goes unpunished. 

To get back to the getting what you already have, from the universe but, don't know how to tap into it. I talked my ex husband into changing his thinking, that he will never have a good truck and, we wouldn't be able to buy a house. So while we were driving I told him to pick out the truck he wanted when he saw it, and he looked around and then we saw it. I told him to say universe I am going to have that. So he said, universe I want that truck there. I said no, you have to say you are going to have it. If you say you want it, then you are not really believing you will get it. We want a lot of things. So he said it reluctantly, universe I'm going to have that truck right there!
Then we quit smoking so that was $280 a month between us. That was when cigarettes were only $5. a pack. Once he realized that was a car payment, we picked a date, and quit. 

Then the universe took over. He got a roofing job for a large car dealership. He took some pay, and got the very truck he thought on! I said, see how it works? He was so amazed!

It was time for the credit check. Like I said, I knew back then that credit cards were a trap so I held out as long as possible. Our credit report came back with me having a 750 credit rating. His was too low because he had no credit history, and everything was in my name. How did I have such a high rating? I didn't realize that FINGERHUT was tracking my payments which were always on time because their interest rate was too high.

So I went to the bank and was approved for a house even though at the time I didn't have a job but, he did! So, between the two we were now able to buy a house. 

How was I going to look for a house? I wasn't going to go through a real estate. While on one of my walks with Mickey, I told him about my dilemma. How was I going to find a house without a car, and also without a real estate? And, would you believe what he said?

Oh, I never told you? I have a real estate license but, I'm not active in real estate. I do have access to the MLS-Multi listing system only agents can get into. I was sure I was dreaming!   
He looked for a house for me by the beach, and he even took me there. Talk about synchronicity. I went to the house and called my then husband. He said, I don't care, do what you want! So, I told the landlord the bathroom is so small but, the price was $89.999 right. That I would be back the next day with my husband. When we went the next day there was a for sale sign on a house two doors down with a parking pad, and much bigger overall. The price was the same as the other so I took that house instead. It needed work, and that is a whole other story. 

I figured since I was getting what I wanted, I wanted to give back somehow, so I asked God for a job no one else wanted, figuring this would get me more of what I needed from life somehow. I decided I wanted a job in which I could affect lives in a helpful way. No grandiose ego involved. And I got it, a job right around the corner from where I lived. From there I bought a car, and got a better job in the same field, helping people. So ask knowing you already have it, and you shall receive it.

It all starts with a train of thought. I know this sounds easy in our complicated world, and what if you don't know what you want? Like those thoughts in the middle of the night that say, I wish I had this or that, then in the same thought you are thinking you will never have it? You cannot do that! You have to believe you will get what you want by visualizing it, feeling it, smelling it, tasting it. Put your positive order out into the airwaves, and the positive will flow back. Remember, negative thinking works too.

The minute you think you can't or, you'll never, you are stopping it from happening. Then you have to put actions towards that goal. How do you find out what you want? It is that which causes you a measurable amount of pain that you felt at one time, and you overcame it. Or, something you enjoyed doing as a child that you gave up on. That's how I started painting again. Obstacles need not be conquered. They need to be bypassed by thought. Old thought processes replaced with new ways of thinking.

We have a habit of even stopping our free thought process with personal fears, fears of past mistakes, imagined phobias, dogmas, and even worldly fears. Now with terrorism in the airwaves, we have to counteract it with love and kindness. Take a walk, and pick your own insanity, choose something that will enhance you. Build up your inner and overall strength.
If you want personal change, you need to focus on yourself with little distraction as possible. Stand up to negative people and their negative words.

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